Accent walls are great for experimenting; they are the best way to use a vibrant color that you might love but are afraid to use. Most people it find very difficult or scary to imagine their walls painted in a bold color. An accent wall can give you just enough of that bold color without overwhelming you. Accent walls can bring out architectural details in your walls and even accentuate those amazing art pieces that you may have in your home.

If you are finding it difficult to choose a color for that accent wall, take a look around your place. Notice what color is on your walls right now, what color is your art, your accent pillows, the fabrics on your furniture; every detail of color in your home. This will help you notice what color you prefer most. Once you have found that color, concentrate on choosing the right hue that not only will look appealing to your eye but will also coordinate well with everything else in your home.

As a color consultant, I hear from people always about how afraid they are of using a statement color because they believe their place will lose value with this. This is not true. A statement color used appropriately can make your place not only look more appealing, but also can add value to your home. Don’t be afraid of that bold color you love. Instead, find a good way to use it in your home